Kayış Lumber, industry's need for an open timber of life extension and maintenance-free use requirement, so technically " Impregnated System " 's offers to your service. General principles of our impregnation system , the pressure - vacuum system , the lumber is impregnated with a lumber preservative that extends the life of the woo.

Kayış Lumber quality and we offer a tanalith we use this technique as a wood preservative , fungi, insects and used against termite attack , according to the European and world standards , laboratory activities and field tests with proven single and a new generation of environmentally friendly wood preservatives. Man can not harm the animal and plant health. Tanalith applied to lumber rot. Rather , it increases the life of at least 10 times.

  • Park- garden furniture,
  • Municipalities raised garden benches and floors,
  • Wooden houses,
  • Underfloor grille,
  • Roof elements,
  • Floor and wall coverings,
  • Playground,
  • Fence , patio, pergola,

such as wood used in areas from external weather conditions affected by rain and humidity.

Kayış Lumber, the impregnation is applied by vacuum - pressure method , modern, safe and environmentally friendly, according to the European and world standards , efficacy proven by laboratory and field tests , which do not cause corrosion single impregnating agent uses tanalith. At the same time the banks Bolu Municipality , by the Kayış Lumber.